Function reference

Core verbs - one table

arrange Re-order the rows of a DataFrame using the values of specified columns.
count Summarize data with the number of rows for each grouping of data.
distinct Keep only distinct (unique) rows from a table.
filter Keep rows where conditions are true.
mutate Assign new variables to a DataFrame, while keeping existing ones.
transmute Assign new columns to a DataFrame, while dropping previous columns.
rename Rename columns of a table.
select Select columns of a table to keep or drop (and optionally rename).
summarize Assign variables that are single number summaries of a DataFrame.
group_by Return a grouped DataFrame, using columns or expressions to define groups.
ungroup Return an ungrouped DataFrame.

Core verbs - two table

join Join two tables together, by matching on specified columns.
left_join Join two tables, and always keep the rows of the left hand table.
inner_join Join two tables, dropping rows with no matches between tables.
full_join Join two tables, and always keep the rows of both tables.
anti_join Return the left table with every row that would not be kept in an inner join.
semi_join Return the left table with every row that would be kept in an inner join.

Query verbs

Functions that can take a lazy table.

collect Retrieve data as a local DataFrame.
show_query Print the details of a query.

Tidy verbs

Functions for tidying table data.

complete Add rows to fill in missing combinations in the data.
extract Pull out len(into) fields from character strings.
gather Reshape table by gathering it in to long format.
spread Reshape table by spreading it out to wide format.
experimental.pivot.pivot_longer Pivot data from wide to long format.
experimental.pivot.pivot_wider Pivot data from long to wide format.
separate Split col into len(into) piece. Return DataFrame with a column added for each piece.
unite Combine multiple columns into a single column. Return DataFrame that column included.
nest Nest columns within a DataFrame.
unnest Unnest a column holding nested data (e.g. Series of lists or DataFrames).

Column operations

dply.vector Functions that implement dplyr vector operations.
dply.forcats Functions for working with categorical column data.